The Life Science Society strives to represent a diverse group of students by promoting unity and excellence within the Life Science Program. In keeping with this vision, this group aims to promote student learning through collaboration, as well as to enhance students' knowledge and community awareness. As a student-run organization, this group aims to help its members develop a strong network of connections with both peers, and Faculty staff members. From academic programs such as our Peer Mentorship Program and McMaster Interdisciplinary Research Exposition (MIREx), thesis and graduate school information nights, to non-academic resources such as connections to volunteer organizations, social gatherings and fundraisers, the Life Science Society is committed to providing Life Science students with opportunities to excel both academically and socially. We strive to be your number one resource for up-to-date information regarding events, info sessions, and general program information for Life Sciences! 

How can we help you?
The LSS is run by students currently in the Life Sciences Program, aiming to enhance the student experience for others who are also enrolled in the Life Science Program. We are here to help you with whatever you may need, from choosing your courses, to looking into different career paths, to meeting new people and networking! Explore the rest of the of what the LSS can offer throughout our site, our upcoming events, academic services, or even dropping by our office hours!

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